Upgrading Twitter

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There is a nice post by Gojko Adzic about a talk he attended. The talk was given by Evan Weaver about experience with upgrading twitter.  It is quite interesting to know how sites having huge traffic solve performance problems.

Up again

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That was a surprise. My webspace provider was down for a few days! They had severe MySQL problems. However, now they are up again and I have the impression that my pages are delivered much faster. I hope, it stays like this.

UTF-8 problems, again

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Today, I ran into a UTF-8 problem again. That was, when I copied a text snippet from Thunderbird into an Eclipse properties file. Be careful, when you copy-and-paste text from your e-mail nto your Eclipse editor. It looks like the encoding of the pasted text
is superior to the encoding of the existing text. It changed the endcoding f the file several times. Solution:

  1. Copy the full property/text file into clipboard.
  2. Close the file in Eclipse.
  3. Open Notepad++ and set Format to UTF-8.
  4. Paste the text from Clipboard into Notepad++.
  5. Save the file as the one you want to have.
  6. Reopen in Eclipse.
  7. Encoding will be set to UTF-8.

Good luck!

Christmas wish

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